“Be you, no one else” – Callie Poston (2017)

Forever Callie is a motion to help people, whether it be by supplying them with products, teaching them something new or making them smile. The movement was created by Callie Poston, a dedicated and hard-working young transgender individual who tries to promote equality, self-love and dedication.

Callie started blogging from her younger years and blogged about school, mostly what each day brought to her life. She then later decided to create a YouTube channel which proved to gain a maximum of 125 subscribers with thousands of views, not the success that Callie was looking for at the age of 15. From here Callie made the first of ‘Forever Callie’ and created the popular Blog www.foreverCallie.blogspot.co.uk which grew an audience of about 5000 monthly viewers. She later decided to get into photography and grew her talent into a passion for walking, relaxation and sharing her photos.

With a portfolio such as hers, she decided it was time to jump on the train of WordPress, creating original and entertaining content for her followers.